I’d love to have this kind of 3d Printed fully functionnal mini montain bike .!!,
So after a first impulse from a friend here are the preparation steps .

Convert the skp file into a workeable file in Houdini and prepare grouping = DONE


Some idea from Baptiste !


Using M2 & M3 real size references

Made Houdini Tools to:
– Auto-create those screw and bolt at right size
– Boolean with some spaces for later 3d print so everything fit

First test to ensure metrics for screw holes are ok

Some injection test for rubber

and Fail

Bearing implementation was a success so i can continue adding screw and bearing everywhere its needed

Close to a first functionnal version of the main parts. A lot of tweaks everywhere, really a lot, but as always Houdini is really friendly to manage those boolean stuffs . At this point, activating the full res model just eat up my 32 Gig of RAM :'(..will need to do some cleanup at some point !

First functionnal proto print feel good but biiig!